Why Some Leaders Are Telling Kids to Learn a Trade Instead of College

The world has continued to evolve and the things that held true a few decades ago no longer apply today. For example, it was the norm to get a salary job and wait for your pensionable days to sit back and enjoy. The times changed, and people had to fend for themselves in their old age after working so many years in an organization. This led to the rise of entrepreneurs who decided to take their destiny into their hands. One top executive in a Long Island home inspection company stated that he has started grooming his kids to start their businesses. According to him, there is no ceiling to an entrepreneurial path as long as the individual is willing to give it what it takes.

Forget College and Learn a TradeOne of the first home inspection Long Island personnel supported the entrepreneurial view, but he added a twist to the subject. He said that Colleges do not prepare people for the real world. Most individuals who pass out from College undergo intensive grooming from Companies that employ them before they can deliver. When a person learns a trade, there are no additional protocols to start earning money and rising to the top of your career. Learning a trade gives people the access to launch a company or work as an employee. There is no narrow path to what anyone can achieve when they learn a trade.

Another reason why leaders are telling kids to learn a trade is that they will never need to look for a company for a paycheck. They can use their skills to navigate their way through life while creating employment for many individuals. According to this camp, they state that there is nothing that can be compared to the ability to earn as much as you want. They believe that the best a College degree can give is a basic starting Salary that may not match the lifestyle or dreams of the individual. There are so many other reasons which they proffer as the right way to face life rather than obtain a College degree.

A Picture of a home inspectorThe recent recession has made many companies lay off their staff. This has caused people to lose confidence in salary jobs. It is rare to find a College degree that equips people to start their business. This is why the best form of job security is to start your affairs. The growing number of leaders who do not want their kids to experience a sack from any paid job is quite phenomenal. This has made it mandatory for them to take their children through various sessions that prepare them to learn a trade. One man stated that the business that he permits his children to gain is worth more than ten times the value of sending them to college.

A successful Long Island home inspector has continued to emphasize that his industry is more of a trade than a paid job. He said that this had helped many people who had little or no education to rise to the top. This is why he advocates that his children must learn a trade so that they can soar even if they do not get all the education that they need. He cited the example of one of the CEOs that he knows who currently sponsors thousands of people for Ph.D. programs. The man was not educated in College, but he has used his trade to become a very influential member of the society.

The Orcid home inspection page created a space where this subject was thoroughly analyzed. They concluded that there was more advantage to learn a trade than to go to College. They looked at various statistics and the trend in the job market before reaching their conclusion. In a bid to follow-up on their perspective to the debate, the CEO offered to train at least 50 youths in a trade in the next six months. He said that he was matching his views with action because he knows that it is the way to a great future. Each of the companies that have spoken about this subject seems to tilt towards the views of their leaders. They believe that learning a trade is the way to go in today’s world.