Finance —– saving

All live to earn, and what they earn they like to spend. However, there is a well-known saying” Save for a rainy day” which means that one needs to save besides spending. Greed is what makes humans different from animals, and so humans tend to amass more than they can spend. However for the man or woman who lives on a monthly salary need to save for the future as well as for any unwanted expenditure. Saving during difficult times means that one has to give up on unwanted expenditure. Saving money is then like a magic show, and now we will show one how one can do it.

  1. Transportation: The best way to go fewer times to the gas station is to get the vehicle checked regularly. If one fixes any major problem in the vehicle, then the saving can be up to forty percent. Smooth breaking and slow driving can improve the mileage of the vehicle and at the same time one will be putting the hand in the pocket fewer times than before.

  1. Food: Cooking for oneself is faster and easier than compared to going to a hotel to have the meals. Having a fridge in the house and making food for a few days can help one to save money on gas as well as on hotel bills. One could save up to a hundred dollars a month. Even ordering Tiffin food could help you to have your meals at your desk and save on the petrol spent in going to a restaurant.
  2. Energy: The more we spend on the energy we use; the same can be saved if one thinks sensibly. We must start replacing the incandescent bulb lightings at home and office with compact CFL’s. It is true that they cost more than the regular ones that are normally used in every household but the long run they will not be replaced so often as the ones that are being used. During the entire lifespan one will notice that one has saved hundreds of dollars. At the same time, one will be helping in improving the environment.
  3. Budgeting: This is a word that somehow seems difficult to fit in but in the long run it pays to educate oneself regarding the budget. There is a saying that just when I can make both ends meet, just then someone comes and shifts one end. If one can take simple steps like automating one’s payments, one can avoid late fee payment and at the same time improve your credit report card. The best way is to catalogue one’s weekly expenses, and one can learn how much one has saved in a month.
  4. Entertainment: One can still have fun on a tight budget try renting movies and go for picnic lunches which will fall cheaper and at the same time the whole family can enjoy with friends. Plan in advance and one can enjoy a holiday on the beaches of Thailand with family.


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